We are Lion & Lamb – a tight knit, passionate team of creative professionals here to make your life easier.

“Making incredible design accessible.” Is our MISSION. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Chuck in a great coffee and we’re dancing along on the way to the office.

What makes our team so different is our hunger to learn more, do more, design more. We’re always looking to expand our skills, design something incredible and push the boundaries more than we did the day before.

We’re also incredibly driven by our ethos; That the best businesses are part lion and part lamb. We’ve worked with countless small businesses and corporate clients and again and again we see that the best businesses share one trait. They are the ‘lions’ or alphas of their industry, leading by example – but they are also the ones who nurture their communities, offering a softer, supportive, value driven element. There is room for both in business and these values are at the core of our operation. 

Come grab a coffee with us and let’s see how we can help take your business to the next level.

Ryan McCann
Founder & Designer
Coffee order: Latte
Star sign: Cancer
Spirit Emoji: 🤘
Sally Flannery
Agency Manager
Coffee order: Oat Chai
Star sign: Leo
Spirit Emoji: 🌞
Nicolás Boada
Web Developer
Coffee order: Soy Cappuccino
Star sign: Gemini
Spirit Emoji: 😎
Belle Kelly
Graphic Designer
Coffee order: Oat Latte
Star sign: Aquarius
Spirit Emoji: 😇