Christmas campaign image

Campaign Case Study: Barefoot Farm Christmas

The Background

Barefoot Farm is a small pecan farm and health food manufacturer operating out of the beautiful NSW Northern Rivers. Competing for attention and market-share in an increasingly competitive landscape and battling the effects of the devastating drought gripping much of the country, the folks at Barefoot needed a solution to drive sales in the lead up to Christmas.

barefoot farm Byron sign
Barefoot Farm Byron, Eltham NSW

The Plan

With a limited budget for ad spend, we needed a carefully crafted strategy that delivered a guaranteed return on investment. We decided to take advantage of the incredible culinary background wielded by Ash & Matt at Barefoot Farm (both used to earn a crust as chefs in hatted restaurants) and held a magical Christmas photo shoot at their gorgeous café – Eltham Pantry.

We asked them to whip up a picture perfect, Christmas lunch feast using Barefoot Farm products. They didn’t disappoint! Gorgeous grazing platters, an incredible rack of lamb cutlets crusted with their Spiced Pecan Dukkah, salads sprinkled with their delicious roasted pecans, pecan studded Christmas pudding, a mouth-watering glazed ham and even pecan pie martinis!

Christmas campaigns can be tricky to get right – every man and his dog is trying to sell you something; we planned to cut through the clutter by inviting people to enjoy a uniquely Barefoot Christmas.

This wasn’t going to be a couple of ads featuring a picture of some nuts and a tagline saying “It’s Christmas, buy this” – we wanted paint a picture of an amazing Barefoot Christmas day spread. We showed people what a Barefoot Christmas could look like; could smell like; could taste like; this was going to be a showcase of how two chefs with a passion for barefoot farming and great food do Christmas!

christmas campaign image
A Barefoot Christmas lunch

The Parts

The plan was a carefully targeted Facebook & Instagram campaign, running a combination of ads, sponsored posts and organic content, collecting data and optimising creative and strategy throughout.  

We designed a special Barefoot Christmas homepage for the website; a special landing page to welcome traffic from the Christmas campaign and further extend the invitation for potential customers to enjoy their own Barefoot Christmas.

Facebook & Instagram

The Facebook campaign involved two strategies: driving traffic and remarketing.

Driving Traffic

We ran a series of ad sets with the end goal of driving targeted traffic to the Barefoot Website. We targeted relevant interest categories that included people with interests ranging from healthy and organic food to paddock to plate farming and general foodies. The idea was to target people who were interested in good quality food and specific food production principles and drive as many of these people to the website as possible. 


The second part of the Facebook campaign was remarketing. We set up a very detailed collection of remarketing strategies to target specific behaviour of anyone that had interacted with the Barefoot website or social media channels. We used a range of remarketing strategies including:

  • General Remarketing – targeting anyone that had visited the Barefoot website or social media pages
  • Cart abandonment – targeting people that had added a product to their shopping cart or started the checkout process but did not complete a purchase
  • Social media engagement remarketing – targeting people that had engaged with any of Barefoot’s social media channels
  • Specific behaviour remarketing – targeting people that had behaved in a certain manner on the Barefoot website

We also took advantage of Facebook’s lookalike audience tool to build audiences of people with demographic, interest category or behavioural similarities to specific audiences we were already targeting.

To simplify it all, the traffic strategy was used to cast as wide a net as possible. The remarketing strategy was used to tighten and close the net.


The website was the most important part of the campaign. We could have executed the most amazing social media strategy the world has ever seen, but if the website wasn’t set up to receive the campaign traffic and drive conversions, the social media side would have been for nothing.

As mentioned above, we designed a special Christmas homepage for the campaign, featuring unique Barefoot Christmas design cues and messaging and using the amazing imagery from the Christmas lunch photoshoot. The goal was to extend the invitation of a Barefoot Christmas, while making it as easy as possible for people to navigate the website and make a purchase.

To further drive conversions, we used Google Optimize to set up an a/b test where we tested two different versions of the page. 50% of visitors saw version a of the page, 50% of visitors saw version b and we monitored the results to see which version drove more sales.

Christmas campaign landing page

Contributing Factors

We took advantage of a couple of external campaigns which greatly contributed to sales around the same time.

The One Day Closer to Rain grassroots Facebook campaign was set up to support small businesses directly impacted by the severe drought affecting much of Australia. As described on the Facebook group: “A chance to remove the geographic barrier of face to face sales and an opportunity to support those working hard to provide for their family.”

one day closer to rain facebook image

The NSW Government also launched their Buy Regional initiative to support regional NSW businesses affected by the drought, which also drove a good amount of traffic and sales for Barefoot Farm Byron.

One major factor that contributed to the success of this campaign was the audience engagement that Ash & Matt drove.

They are incredibly passionate about their business, their industry and good food in general. They were constantly engaging with customers on the social media channels, answering questions and giving recommendations about their products. They are so grateful for every sale and they share that love for their customers freely.

The Results

The 2019 Christmas campaign drove some awesome results:

  • A purchase conversion rate of 8.53%
  • Campaign revenue was up 335% over the previous time period
  • An average revenue per customer of $76.02, an increase of 4.7% over the previous time period
  • A 177.94% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Facebook page following increase of 16%

Final Thoughts

This turned out to be a massively successful campaign for Barefoot Farm Byron. The NSW Northern Rivers is a magical place packed full of amazing producers, which has helped Matt & Ash from Barefoot Farm to develop their brand and its amazing products.

They already have a fantastic and ever evolving collection of some of the most delicious treats you’ll ever try. Combine their experience in the world of culinary arts, the enchanting creative environment of the Northern Rivers and their passion for what they do and they have the recipe for an incredibly successful business.

All they needed was a bit of Christmas flair and strategy, which we were happy to provide. Keen an eye out for the Barefoot Farm Byron brand – we wager that their amazing pecans and other delightful delicacies will be in a shop near you very soon!