What we mean when we say “Agency Done Differently”

What we mean when we say "Agency Done Differently" 1

Agency done a little differently..

What we mean when we say "Agency Done Differently" 2

Reccently I told someone that I loved my job and they asked me why – so I thought long and hard about it. When I started working at Lion & Lamb 9 months ago, I was told our motto is: “Agency Done Differently”. It took me until now to really understood what that means.


What we mean when we say "Agency Done Differently" 3
Agency done differently

At Lion & Lamb, I wear two hats – agency manager & content creator/strategist. We just brought on a fabulous second content creator who works with me on shoots to deliver Social Media and web content to clients that perfectly represents their brand. Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve worked on 3 different shoots together – one was a sunrise beach shoot for a cosmetics brand, another a day shoot at a coffee roaster and the last a Colonics clinic. For all 3 of these clients, we aimed to get 3 months of social content shot in one day. A pretty ambitious task. The goal generally for a client with no social presence is to convey their offering through an intensive content creation shoot. That may seem simple, but it dawned on me only today that it is not straightforward and yet it’s exactly why I love my job.

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What we mean when we say "Agency Done Differently" 5

When we shoot for a client, we’re not looking for the obvious. When we shot coffee earlier this week, we weren’t looking for product shots and coffee cups. We weren’t looking for social shots. We were looking for their story. We were looking for the glimmer in the roasters eyes as she told us about how the colouration of the beans changes at different stages of roasting. The smell as the flames flickered and the machine warmed up. The sound of the de-husker removing the shells of the beans. The twinkle of sunshine as the morning frost lifted over the hills. The moments we stopped to feed low hanging mandarins to the cows who welcomed us and the nostalgic tone in Julie’s voice as she told us how her dad had used that same exact coffee roaster for decades before her. We watched for hours through the whole roasting process, standing in that old Rosebank shed, waiting for the antique gas machine to warm up, waiting patiently as we regularly checked the colour of the beans, and then slowly letting them cool, before packaging them up. We were in it. Living and breathing it. We weren’t there to create content, we were there to experience their business, understand the nuances, hear the passion in their voice and to pick up on the magic of what makes their story unique – then tell that story.

Agency done differently
Content creation – Rosebank

You have to have a level of empathy, curiosity and understanding to truely capture a story – and it’s exactly what makes my job so magic. It’s the same reason I stayed up for hours carving holes into delicate shells to construct a mermaid-esque bikini just hours earlier to waking up before the sun to shoot the cosmetic range at the beach. The same reason we sat for hours and watched and listened and understood the process of the coffee roasting, walking through the paddocks and seeing the coffee growing in beautiful rows. It’s the same reason I even sat through a colonics session, taking a crash course in the meaning and unexpected beauty of gut health.

Agency done differently
Agency done differently

It’s not enough to simply market a product, you need to take the time to truely understand the magic and essence of a businesses story. At Lion & Lamb, we’re professional storytellers. This is why I wake up every day, loving my job. We are an agency – done differently.

xx Sally